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Nice article, and they give a very clear, common sense explanation of what the Volt is about, and how it works:

Remember, too, this is one of the few electric cars that you can go cross-country without stopping to charge the car, giving it a huge advantage over the Nissan Leaf and other all-electric cars.
Wrap your brain around this for a moment: if your daily commute is under 50 miles a day, you’ll never visit a gas station again with the Chevy Volt.
And it's nice to know the 2017 Volt comes with teen driver technology. GM touts this all the time with the Malibu, but until now that's the only car I've heard it associated with. Nice feature, to this dad who has 16 and 13 year old daughters.

Main criticisms seem to be the 5th seat and lack of power driver's seat, two criticisms the car clearly deserves.
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