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2017 Volt Radio Volume and Charge Door alarm issue

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2017 Volt . I have a 2013 Volt and the volume goes back to a lower setting after the car is shut off. Also, when the car has the charger attached, it sounds alarm if it is removed when the car is locked. I had my 2017 to the dealer and asked why the 2017 Volt wasn't like the 2013. They checked with Gm and were told that GM was working on the problem. It has been 6 months and still no fix.
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These were two of the first settings I changed on my 2016 when I got it. First morning I went to leave my house it was still charging and I unplugged and the horn went off. A little disconcerting at 6:30 am when some of the family are still in bed sleeping!

As for the max startup volume, mine works, but I don't like that when you're setting it, it does not display the volume setting number that you see on the DIC when you change the volume with the steering wheel buttons. In other words, I know I want max startup volume set to "14", but all it displays when you go to change the setting is the bar gjm3 mentioned and not the number.

So a little clarification is in you have the settings set right, and it's not behaving correctly, or have you not found where/how to change the settings?
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