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How did Chevy Volt engineers manage to take a differentiating technology feature and make it virtually useless and a huge annoyance for owners? On a final test drive before purchasing and I decided to check out this great wireless phone charger with my wireless charging-equipped Samsung Note 5 (no, not the one that spontaneously combusts). Firstly, the well designed phone storage slot to the right of the gearshift is NOT equipped with the wireless charger. Instead, it's located at the fore of the compartment under the armrest. If that's not annoying enough, the charger slot is not deep enough to accomodate a Samsung Note 5, or an iPhone 6 Plus for that matter. That's right, you cannot have the phone in the charger slot and close the armrest compartment. Epic design fail. To add insult to injury, even if I wanted to wirelessly charge my phone there while leaving the armrest compartment open, it won't charge through the phone's protective case. Not my thin rubber case, or the case on the Samsung 7 my salesman was carrying.

So even though this design issue annoyed the heck out of me, I did purchase the Volt anyway, as well as a smaller cell phone, the Samsung S7 Edge. I figured this annoyance was behind me. NOT! Upon taking delivery of the vehicle I learned that even the smaller phone, sans any case, STILL doesn't allow the armrest compartment to close! Shame! But wait, it gets better. I was told by the salesman that there was a "fix" offered by Chevy to their sales and service teams. Low and behold the "fix" is to remove the rubber sleeve from the charging slot, placing your phone on top of a raw metal edge at the bottom of the charger compartment, and then finding some object to wedge the phone against the front of said compartment so that the phone is against the charging surface. No kidding!

Next up for me is to consider either cutting the bottom of the rubber sleeve to allow the phone to sit lower in the compartment but yet not touch the metal edge at the bottom of the compartment, OR to find some way to carve an opening in the inside of the compartment cover/armrest to accomodate the 1/4 inch or so required for the phone to fit. How crazy is this?! Or maybe I'll give Chevy a chance to read this and respond with a real fix? I'm not holding my breathe, but would LOVE to hear from Chevy on this, particularly in a world where cell phones are trending larger in size, and the Samsung S7 Edge is one of the best selling cell phones in the world today.
In my particular case I can charge my Samsung S5 with the Otther plastic/rubber case, yes it's kinda old, but probably the biggest phone in the market at the time of the design of the Gen2 Volt.

I can bet you the next generation Volts or any other car will not be able to charge the iPhone 9 or the Samsung S10 in the future
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