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2017 Volt only charging at 2.9 kW with Juicebox Pro 40

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I just installed a Juicebox Pro 40 to charge my 2017 Volt but I'm noticing I'm only seeing around 2.9 kW of power rather than something close to the 3.6 kW max.

I'm typically seeing around 12A at 240V while charging. I have my max allowed set at 40A for the Juicebox.

Has anyone experienced issues with a Juicebox charging a gen2 Volt?

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It sound like the Juicebox is not negotiating a max charge rate with your Chevy Volt...
Did you set the proper battery capacity of your 2017 Volt in your app?
maybe you ought to ask the manufacturer about this...1.844.584.2329
Thanks for the response. Yes, I've set up the app to include my 2017 Volt with the proper battery capacity (max of 18.4 kWh). I have submitted a question to their support through their web form and left a voicemail, but I haven't heard back yet.
What is the battery condition when observing the charge rate? Near top SOC, for example, might be tapering charge. Is the battery hot? (Just ending a trip.) The battery management system could be limiting the rate.

If you charge from the lower SOC, how long does it take to charge?

Can you try another EVSE?

Did you try setting the JuiceBox to a lower rate? Say 20-Amps.
Most of the time, I've been charging from about half charge. I do see tapering as it approaches full but I'm not seeing charging over around 2.9 kW of power.

I also tried setting the Juicebox limit to different levels. I'm able to lower the limit to 10A and the Juicebox correctly limits it. If I set the Juicebox to 15A or 20A, it still only reaches around 12A max (at 240V).

So something is limiting the output of the Juicebox whether it be some incorrect handshaking between the Volt and the Juicebox, or some limiter on the Juicebox itself (does it have any DIP swictches or ways to hardwire the max output?)

I'll try another level 2 charger to see if my Volt can charge at it's max 3.6 kW when I have a chance. Although looking at my Chargepoint app it looks like I was getting close to 3.6 kW during some charges back in August.

I'm also going to see if I can get my neighbor that has a Leaf to plug into my Juicebox and see what happens.
Where is the 2.9 coming from?

Use OBD to grab the stats while charging.
It should give you power in (amps*volts) and power out.
In should be ~3.6kW and out should be ~90% of that. (except during the final ~10% of charging when it will begin to taper)
The 2.9 kW shows on the EV JuiceNet app that connects to my Juicebox via wifi.
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