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2017 Volt only charging at 2.9 kW with Juicebox Pro 40

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I just installed a Juicebox Pro 40 to charge my 2017 Volt but I'm noticing I'm only seeing around 2.9 kW of power rather than something close to the 3.6 kW max.

I'm typically seeing around 12A at 240V while charging. I have my max allowed set at 40A for the Juicebox.

Has anyone experienced issues with a Juicebox charging a gen2 Volt?

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Did you set the proper battery capacity of your 2017 Volt in your app?
How do you set the battery capacity? I've never seen that in the app.
For my GEN2, the in car display (Under ENERGY touch button) only supports 2 currents: 8A and 12A. How to tell the car to support higher charging current?
That's only for the standard Level 1 charger. If you are using a Level 2 charger, the max is 16 amps.

If you do the math:
16*240 = 3840 watts.

That will charge a G2 battery in about the advertised 4.5 hours.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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