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2017 Volt LT Owner from Vancouver Canada

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Hi fellow Volt enthusiasts,

Just want to introduce myself. I've owned the 2017 Volt LT since August 2016 and have been enjoying it a lot so far. It's quiet, powerful, highly efficient and well designed overall.

I've been lurking around the forum from time to time to learn about other Volt owners' experience of the car and decided to join now because I would like to share an incident with my Volt similar to what some other Volt owner experienced. I submitted a post under "Problems/Issues, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen2 Volt" and hopefully the moderator will review and approve.

In summary, my Volt was immobilized with "Check Engine Light" on and Dash message instructing me to "Shift to Park" on my way to work a week ago. It is with a dealer service center right now and I have not heard back so far. I'll probably follow up early next week. I was given a Cruze as a courtesy car and I miss the "regen" button :D
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Hope they got it fixed?

Just got my 2017 Premium 2 days ago and now just doing the same you did... looking around to see what other owners are experiencing...


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