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2017 Volt Lease

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After much negation with a local Dealer, I managed to get a lease for a somewhat loaded Premier 2017 Volt.

Black Metallic, Adaptive Cruise, Confidence 1 & 2, Ambient light. Illuminated charge port.

12k mi a year for 39 months.

MSRP $40,325
Purchase option $18,952
Drive off down payment $2,000 and $378.42/mo

I was happy enough to sign, curious as to what other volt owners think.
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After much negation with a local Dealer....
Negation? I'm sure you mean negotiation, but I would have been in negation mode with the dealer on the car...but for different reasons.
You are correct. I couldn't find the edit button after I realised.
No Volts found in Wisconsin that match my specs. Found 2 in Minnesota and I may have it tomorrow.

On the down side, they said it would be driven here so it will have 300+ miles on it. Not overly happy.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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