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I am going to trade in my 2017 Volt this January. If the dealer gets it I get less money and some consumer somewhere pays more. So if you know someone in the market for a Volt, let them know.
It is a LT in the dark gray color. Interior is light gray. Options are leather and comfort package. MSRP was 35850.
Non smoking car in perfect condition. Never had any problems with the car. My wife did hit a dog and the front fascia had to be replaced last summer. Lots of factory warranty left in case something does happen in the future. This would be better deal than some of the lease offers I am seeing out there and also a good deal for someone that cannot take the tax credit. I have a dealer we can work with, if you want, to handle the paper work, financing and or a trade in.

14378 total miles
13695 electric
Car is in Greenville NC.
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