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2017 That whistle sound

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I typically drive with the radio at least at low volume but yesterday I did a whole trip in my 2017 LT with the radio off so I could talk to passengers. I noticed a whistling sound which happens only at one specific throttle position. It reminds me of the sound you get out of a cordless drill when you only press the trigger slightly and the motor makes a whistling sound.

Letting up on the throttle just a tiny bit or pressing it a little more just a tiny bit makes it go away. I'd say the throttle position where it happens is maybe 1/10 throttle, maybe less: about the point where you'd have it if you are trying to hold say 30 MPH.

So my question: I assume this is normal and this is typical of how electric motor power is modulated (like a cordless drill)? It's not very loud but it's noticeable inside the cabin with all the windows up.

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I like this sound. Reminds me of a "turbo hiss." I was wondering if GM might have even purposely made it intentionally audible since it's only at high throttle. Some EV manufacturers have been looking at ways to provide more audible feedback to drivers accustomed to the controlled explosions of a gas engine.
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