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2017 Tax credit Form 8936

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UPDATE: Form for tax year 2016 posted. Thanks for correcting my error.
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My bad, I mis-read the date on the form (2016) think it was the form 2016 buyers used. Looks like I'm good to go. Thanks for correcting me.
W/O the EV tax credit I expect to break even on my 2016 return, so am hoping I get the full $7500. I'll know in about two hours.

Fingers crossed as I floated myself a loan of $7500 to add to my down payment on my 2017 Volt.
Easy peazy, $7500 on the way.
Now promise me you won't be doing form 8936 for 2017... you've gotten more cars in the last 3 years than I've purchased in my 23 years of marraige.
Wish I could, but as much as I have lusted for a Tesla MS, i'm thinking a Bolt could replace our no promises.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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