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2017 Steep Driveway and concerns about Ground Clearance

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I am considering buying a 2017 Volt. I have a very steep driveway. However, my landlord has a low riding Prius with ground clearance of about 5.5 inches and she doesnt have problems. Anyway, a friend of mine who has a 2013 Gen 1 Volt with air dam already removed still scraped the bottom when trying to back in. I called a Chevy dealership, and they said the Gen 2 Ground Clearance is higher than Gen 1. However I cant find any info on this anywhere online, or specifically, how much higher the ground clearance on Gen 2 Volt vs Gen 1. I really want this car, but if I cant get into my driveway, I cant charge the car. Does anyone have any insight here? THANK YOU!
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If it is possible to back in at an angle, so that the front of the car is not perpendicular when it crosses the driveway threshold, this may help prevent it from scraping. It will depend on how wide the driveway is whether this can be done or not. I have the same issue backing OUT of my driveway and if I take it at an angle just where it would normally scrape, it doesn't scrape.
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