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2017 Steep Driveway and concerns about Ground Clearance

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I am considering buying a 2017 Volt. I have a very steep driveway. However, my landlord has a low riding Prius with ground clearance of about 5.5 inches and she doesnt have problems. Anyway, a friend of mine who has a 2013 Gen 1 Volt with air dam already removed still scraped the bottom when trying to back in. I called a Chevy dealership, and they said the Gen 2 Ground Clearance is higher than Gen 1. However I cant find any info on this anywhere online, or specifically, how much higher the ground clearance on Gen 2 Volt vs Gen 1. I really want this car, but if I cant get into my driveway, I cant charge the car. Does anyone have any insight here? THANK YOU!
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Solution, take a test drive and drive it up your driveway...

There's more it than just the clearance, it's also the position of it (how far forward/aft) so hearing that it's say "5 inches" doesn't guarantee it will or will not clear your driveway...Heck if I were you I'd drop everything and head to the dealer right now since it's a weekend and still fairly early if in the PST timezone...
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