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2017 Premier with ACC or 2014 ELR with ACC

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Hypothetically, if it were possible, what would you suggest for purchase?

A new, <10 miles, 2017 Volt Premier with Adaptive Cruise Control for $34k + tax, tag etc. but before fed and state incentives.


A 2014 ELR with Nav and Adaptive Cruise Control with 8k miles, that's an MSO so it qualifies for the Fed and State tax credits and rebates for $33k + tax, tags etc., but before fed and state incentives.

I never heard of an ELR until I started reading this forum. After months of reading about the Volt, I started reading about the ELR. I don't think I've ever seen one in person, I'm not a Cadillac fan. But after reading all the raves about it, I think I want one over a Volt.

I've read that some people have found old left over MSO 2014's so I'm curious as to what people think.

Thanks in advance.


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I have the 2017 Volt Premier with ACC, can only comment based on what I've read about the ELR. Seems that if you are OK with basically a 2 seater, looking for a more richly appointed interior and a rare, stylish car then maybe the ELR is for you. I believe it has rear seats, but not as usable as the Volt's. Also, I believe the range on the ELR is more like a Gen1, so around high 30s all electric while you get low 50s in the Gen2 Volt. You also get the cache of a Caddy vs. a Chevy if that's a factor.

Others with experience with both will provide more insight I'm sure...
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