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2017 Premier with ACC or 2014 ELR with ACC

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Hypothetically, if it were possible, what would you suggest for purchase?

A new, <10 miles, 2017 Volt Premier with Adaptive Cruise Control for $34k + tax, tag etc. but before fed and state incentives.


A 2014 ELR with Nav and Adaptive Cruise Control with 8k miles, that's an MSO so it qualifies for the Fed and State tax credits and rebates for $33k + tax, tags etc., but before fed and state incentives.

I never heard of an ELR until I started reading this forum. After months of reading about the Volt, I started reading about the ELR. I don't think I've ever seen one in person, I'm not a Cadillac fan. But after reading all the raves about it, I think I want one over a Volt.

I've read that some people have found old left over MSO 2014's so I'm curious as to what people think.

Thanks in advance.


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I was faced with a similar decision last December. I had the choice between a 2016 Volt Premier and a 2014 ELR for $3K more. I ended up going with the Volt. Here are some of the thoughts that went into my decision:

Very attractive car & the interior did feel much more plush than the Volt.
Room in the back was fine, except for the headroom. If you plan on having anyone over about 5'9 spend any time back there, I don't think this would be a good option. I'm 5'11 and my head would contact the rear window when sitting upright.
If you like features & gadgets, this car is loaded with them! Lot's of cool features to explore (dynamic suspension, pause live radio, powered cupholder cover, etc.).
Future parts availability & pricing could be a concern.
Trunk was long, but not very high. Not much room to store anything back there. Trip to the grocery store would be OK in it though.

The additional electric range over the ELR is very useful.
While the ELR interior was a significant upgrade, the Volt is very nice.
5th seat in the Volt is not very useful for an adult, but my 13 year old did use it comfortably when we had 5 passengers on board.
Heated rear seats are nice and a hit with the kids who are back there often.
Instrument cluster was similar, but not quite as nice as the ELR I'd say. Much improved over the G1 Volt, though.
With the rear seats folded down, the hatchback in the Volt offers room to store larger items easily.
The Volt performs very well, especially in Sport mode. The ELR seemed quick too. I'd call it a wash in terms of perceived performance.
Volt kinda looks like every other compact 4 door sedan. ELR wins hands down in the looks department.

It really boils down to what your priorities are. If you rarely carry more than 2 people on board and aren't focused on getting the best possible electric range, then the ELR is a great choice. If you want to maximize fuel efficiency or utility of the vehicle, I think the Volt is an excellent choice as well. I don't regret going with the Volt, other than when I see an ELR... that really makes me want one despite the limitations.

Good luck!
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