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2017 Please help me find my maintenance record

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Below is the screenshot of all of the completed four recalls that is matched to my VIN of 2017 Chevy Volt LT.
The web address is (123456 is random)
I became an owner of 89,100 mile 2017 Chevy Volt on 18-Mar, 2023 and when I registered my VIN under Chevrolet Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers and Vans site, they disallowed me to view any maintenance records in their database because my name does not match the VIN.
I have no idea if any major or minor work that was done to my car but the four recall repairs were completed on 2018-12-30, 2019-07-30, 2020-05-05, and 2021-04-31.
My Voltec Component Limited Warranty will Expire 2024-04-27 or 100,004 miles and I believe my 100,004 will happen in 6 months from now.
Can any of you verify for me that your Volt's Customer Satisfaction Program was done according to the record in site matched to your VIN and tell me that my recall completion dates of 2018-12-30, 2019-07-30, 2020-05-05, and 2021-04-31 are legit?

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Can you go into the dealer and ask for it? If you are driving the car there then they clearly know it is yours.
When my kids sold their car their dealership was able to give them all their maintenance to show the future new owner.
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Take your car into a chevy dealership and show them your registration. They can correct the OnStar records. What's happened is the car is still showing under the original owner's name in OnStar's records. I'm guessing you didn't buy your car at a GM dealership.
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