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2017 noisier than 2012?

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Maybe my ears are spoiled owning a 2012 volt but I swear my new 2017 sounds noisier.

For example my 2012 when fully charged and sitting idle you would never know the car is on, When taking off all you would hear is a slight whine of the electric motor.

On my 2017, sitting idle I hear what sounds like a fan running even when sitting idle, I know its not the air conditioner or fan because i turn the air conditioner power button off, I make sure the fan is turned all the way off (although I noticed when trying to turn the fan off it appears the last bar always stays lit).

Also road noise is more noticeable when traveling at moderate speed (0 to 40mph) once above 50 the road noise is about the same.

Is it just me or have seasoned volt owners noticed the same?
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Every focus of the 2nd gen Volt was on making it cheaper. And cheap was the result.
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