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2017 No propulsion when starting. Randomly works sometimes.

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I have a 2017 volt with 55k miles on it. A little while back I tried starting it and both the battery and fuel range did not illuminate. There was no propulsion in forward or reverse. After turning it off and back on a couple times the ranges would finally illuminate and there would be propulsion in forward and reverse. The car would then drive perfectly fine. This scenario happened multiple times until recently, when we could not get the ranges to illuminate. We made an appointment with a Chevy dealership and the day before the appointment I was able to get the ranges to illuminate and drive it to the dealership shop.

They ended up saying their was a DTC U2619-2624(loss of communication with battery interface control module 7-12. "Currently communicating"). They did a software update on the car and I picked it up thinking it was resolved.

Today on my way to work the car did the exact same thing. I went to start it and it did not illuminate the ranges and there was no power to the wheels. I'm thinking it's a BECU but it's just a hunch and I'm not exactly sure. I will include a video of what is happening. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you
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