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I have had my 2017 Volt for a couple of years now and today it started emitting a high pitched tone that is super annoying. Headache within minutes. I didn't notice it until I turned off the radio at a retail parking lot - AC plus radio masks the sound. I searched the forums and most of the threads do not have any follow-up for their issue, many have "individuals" telling people that motors make high pitched sounds...8-( There were some references to a FAQ for noises, but I could not find that post.

Sound was heard under these conditions:
  • Radio on or off - phone removed from BlueTooth
  • AC on or off
  • Normal mode or Hold mode (with engine running)
  • Car on or off - open door, close door and it continues
  • Regen paddle on when slowing down or normal deceleration
  • 95 degrees
  • Car at about 50% state of charge -- I drive in EV mode except for going out of town to visit relatives.
I completed my errand and 20 minutes later the sound was still going when I returned. I made another stop to get lunch to go and it continued. Driving at 75 MPH (this is Texas) in Normal mode or Hold mode it continues and is JUST as LOUD at those road speeds than sitting in park. I asked the car to charge immediately when I arrived at home and rolled down the windows to see if I could hear the sound under the hood at home since the parking lot was so loud. I could not hear the tone under the hood of the car, just inside the car. I plugged in and went inside to have lunch and 20 minutes later there is no more high pitched sound when I checked on things.

Sadly it does not appear I can upload a recording of the tone idea what extensions are allowed, but not a .m4a.
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