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2017 Forward Automatic Braking Does Not Work

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My Forward Automatic Braking on my 2017 Volt does not work. It doesn't seem to have ever worked. The dealer says they check it and never find anything wrong. I even had a message popup that said Forward Automatic Braking unavailable.

Not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
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On a 2017, you will notice 6 bright red lights light up your windshield from a HUD projector in the dash.

This is telling you a collision will happen if you do not take action. This is FCW, Forward Collision Warning and occurs before Automatic Emergency Braking.

The automatic braking happens at almost point blank from impact, and it will slam on the brakes violently.

A warning that the system is not working is often a dirty camera or radar. The camera cleaning is the top center of the windshield. That black area must be clean. The radar cleaning is the Chevrolet grill emblem which is smooth and plastic. Cars without radar do not have a smooth emblem.

What AEB looks like in a Cadillac:

I have not experimented with objects in the Volt though. I've only seen the FCW when people cut me off. Once, the FCW came on, and my foot went to the brake, but I'm not sure whether the car got to the brake or I did first. I do know there was a very high probably of impact if the FCW didn't see the person pulling out of the left turn bay into the path. FCW saw the clueless driver before I did, but the entire event lasted under 1.5 seconds. If that sounds like a short time, that's 100 feet at 45 mph.
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