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2017 Forward Automatic Braking Does Not Work

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My Forward Automatic Braking on my 2017 Volt does not work. It doesn't seem to have ever worked. The dealer says they check it and never find anything wrong. I even had a message popup that said Forward Automatic Braking unavailable.

Not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
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I have only had FAB engage ONCE, and it was what I would call a "false positive" event. As I was approaching my house I pressed my garage door opener and kept going at 5 to 9 MPH as I turned into my drive way. My driveway is at a slight incline and I guess when I turn in the car read to slowly opening garage door as an obstacle and SLAMMED on the brakes. It was SUDDEN and scared the crap out of me. It took a weird set of circumstances to trigger it.

In all of my other normal driving I have NEVER gotten into a situation where the car needed to respond. I'm not that gutsy.

So to the OP how do you know the FAB isn't working?
I received a message in the DID that it was unavailable after a dealer installed software update a while back. I had to do something with turning the cruise control off and on to get it back.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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