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2017 Drivers side vibration/rattle sound

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When driving on certain roads and going over some small bumps, etc I am noticing a rattle/vibration sound on the drivers side - it seems like when you have change in a cup holder, or something rubbing on plastic. Is this normal under certain conditions for the quality of this interior or could i have a loose piece of interior plastic or something?
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I have noticed something like that as well, seems to be coming from the drivers door panel (lower). Almost like a small ping pong ball / plastic type of sound. Haven't scheduled up a visit to the dealer yet, but will report back when I do.
My sound is not constant. Seems to be triggered most easily by a slight accel/decell event.

Gonna do a little more checking into it now, see if the fuse/panel thing might be an issue. This forum is a great resource!
Just wanted to post a follow up on this one, in case others have the issue. The first attempt at the dealer, they replaced a few clips in the door panel and added some foam, it didn't seem to help.

Second attempt at dealer, they took it for a couple quick test drives, and found the left side of the drivers seat base to be a little loose and squeaking. They took the seat out, then put it back in and torqued everything down.

Complete silence now, just like a VOLT should be. :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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