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2017 Drivers side vibration/rattle sound

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When driving on certain roads and going over some small bumps, etc I am noticing a rattle/vibration sound on the drivers side - it seems like when you have change in a cup holder, or something rubbing on plastic. Is this normal under certain conditions for the quality of this interior or could i have a loose piece of interior plastic or something?
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I hate to dig up a 2 year old thread, but I had a similar noise seemingly coming from the driver's side door panel (2017 Volt). I thought maybe something was inside the panel making the noise (sounded like a small ping-pong ball bouncing, or plastic sheathing bending). Then I noticed the noise continued after I stopped the car at home as I was getting out. It felt like it might be the seat. Turned out to be the little round plastic cap that is near the joint where the seat back and the seat bottom meet, right next to the B pillar. I had to move the seat back as far as it would go to remove the cap. Took it off, and drove around with no noise. Just for reference in case anyone else comes across it.
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