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2017 Drivers side vibration/rattle sound

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When driving on certain roads and going over some small bumps, etc I am noticing a rattle/vibration sound on the drivers side - it seems like when you have change in a cup holder, or something rubbing on plastic. Is this normal under certain conditions for the quality of this interior or could i have a loose piece of interior plastic or something?
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And its not constant either right? At one point I thought it was from a speaker but that's not it. I didn't notice before so I wonder if it is humidity causing plastic to expand and rub against another fitting piece. Now that I have noticed it, its bugs me
I had the same problem. It was the plastic door (I think it's for the fuse panel I don't remember) located at the bottom left of the dash, driver side. This was surprising because I was pretty sure the noise was from the door or from the "A" pillar. I Put some little velco on it prevent rattling.
Hope that helps...
Hmmm...interesting since before posting I was thinking it may be that as mine is not flush but has a slight "bulge".
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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