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2017 Display Black Out

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Took delivery of my black 2017 Volt LT at the end of June, 2016. Car has close to 5000 km on the odometer and am extremely pleased with the performance so far. Have had one serious problem though. On 3 separate occasions the entire display (speedometer and information display screen) have blacked out briefly (for several minutes one time and for several seconds the other two) only to return intact. Have taken to my dealer for analysis to no avail. The computer scan showed no problem and they had no remedy or opinion as to the cause. Has anyone else had this experience and if so what is the cause and solution?
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It may not be relevant to your concern, but on Gen 1 volts, the daytime/nighttime sensor will sometimes switch the headlights on due low lighting conditions, or shadows from trees/buildings/clouds. when it does this, the displays switch to the physical setting of the display dimmer, which if it is all the way turned down, can be very dim, appearing to disappear in some cars. I've had this happen to me. something to check at least, try turning the dimmer up the next time this happens.
I would hope that the dealer would trouble shoot this possibiity.
well, at least you have a sense of humor about this...!
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