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2017 CarPlay Incoming Call makes the AC Fan go low?

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Hi all, 2017 Premier Volt and seeing the strangest thing and not sure if it a feature or a bug or?

CarPlay via cable to my iPhone. When a call comes in or a TXT message is read out loud the AC will automatically go into a “low power” mode. We assumed it was to be quieter during calls so started looking for a setting to disable it.

I have an hour commute both ways and like to make calls during this time… but it’s getting hot in Texas!

Anyone ever seen this?
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My Cruze did this. I think there's a setting in the car for this (mis)feature.
Anyone ever seen this?
Yes, and I get annoyed every time it happens! Not so bad in the winter, but killer in summer drives.

You can just manually turn up the fan speed...

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Oh darn! Ok thanks for that.
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