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2017 Canada Premier Prices

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What did you pay for your 2017 Premier trim price in Ontario? I am being offered $47100 and only a $1000 Visa GM discount. Shouldn't there be more movement on price? Will there be 2017 discounts soon in Ontario when 2018 get announced?
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The $14K incentive I don't factor in to a dealer negotiation since that is a provincial incentive and not a manufacturer or dealer incentive. Trying to see what best deals of MSRP that people have received. Right now the vehicle is 47000 and one dealer is offering me $1000 Visa + 1600 dealer off 47K while another dealer is only offering the $1000 Visa and $0 dealer discount. I would expect more movement off MSRP in both cases so looking for comparisons
The dealers have little incentive to negotiate in Ontario given limited dealer allocations, and Ontario $14K incentive (best in the world as far as I know). If you can get the GM Visa + 1600 off I would snap that up. You can't beat the car you will get at that price (with the incentive of course). I managed to get the GM visa discount plus free window tint and reduced dealer admin fee and no window etching fee (which is an absolute sham given Volt has Onstar and this is 2017 not 1980) so I am ok with this.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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