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2017 Canada Premier Prices

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What did you pay for your 2017 Premier trim price in Ontario? I am being offered $47100 and only a $1000 Visa GM discount. Shouldn't there be more movement on price? Will there be 2017 discounts soon in Ontario when 2018 get announced?
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The $14K incentive I don't factor in to a dealer negotiation since that is a provincial incentive and not a manufacturer or dealer incentive. Trying to see what best deals of MSRP that people have received. Right now the vehicle is 47000 and one dealer is offering me $1000 Visa + 1600 dealer off 47K while another dealer is only offering the $1000 Visa and $0 dealer discount. I would expect more movement off MSRP in both cases so looking for comparisons
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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