GM is on a “Customer Satisfaction Campaign,” asking Bolt owners to bring in their cars for a software update to help detect a battery issue sooner.

The problem stems from a potential battery issue that has been linked to a reduction of power or loss of acceleration. The update would help the car detect the issue sooner.

Automotive News reports that a calibration issue currently can’t tell different states of charge in cell groups in the battery. As a result, the car might not get enough warning before there’s low voltage in a battery cell.

GM believes that only a small portion of Bolts will be affected, but is recalling all cars to the dealership (23,000 of which are in the US) to get the update.

Unfortunately, the update doesn’t actually address the battery default but will give drivers more warning before there’s a loss in power, allowing them more time to pull over safely.

The automaker has said that it is monitoring the issue in cars fitted with OnStar (which is how they say they noticed the problem in the first place), and that it will call in the cars that it thinks have the defect. Those owners called in will have their battery packs replaced for free.

The software update, meanwhile, should take less than an hour to complete, according to GM, and will be done free of charge until April 30, 2020.

[source: Automotive News ]

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