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2017 Battery Energy Control Module replacement BECM

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I have a 2017 with 36k. I didn't find much on here about this and I'm curious who else has gone through this, and what this means long term.

I had a few instances where the Check engine light came on and the car shifted over to the generator, even though there was more then 50% battery life. Thankfully I never got stranded. The first few times I brought it in they just updated the software and told me I should be good to go. The third time I took it to a different dealer and they diagnosed it as a full replacement , bulletin 18-na-261.

The dealer handled it well, got a loaner and 6 days later I'm back on the road. They had to do the battery to access it.The dealer said it was very rare. But I have trust issues with dealers, lol.

- how common is this?
- long term issues?
- any possible damage to the battery?

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I'm sad to report that my 2017 Volt has also had a BECM failure (38k miles). It's been at the dealership since 6/30/22. Each week they call to tell me there is no update and no ETA on the part. What a surreal limbo! I'd rather know that I'm number XXX on the list waiting for this part, but there is no XXX. How is that possible? I was heartened to read here that some folks did get a new BECM (after months though!). I really want my Volt to come home.

The dealership was kind enough to get me a rental car (a Spark, like some other folks), and I am grateful for that (although it's a gas engine). But I don't know what to expect down the line. I'm still paying insurance etc. for the Volt.

I finally called Chevy Service and they referred me to their Parts Delay Department, who had no further information either. When pressed about what might come, the man I spoke to said that after 60 days of inability to service, they can consider a buy-back. I don't know what kind of value they would pay out, and I'd rather just have my car, which was working great before this point. But if they truly can't fix it then I hope they would provide some kind of compensation.

Here's hoping for better news! I'm sharing here so I can follow this thread and find out the outcome of other folks' stories too. It's sad to see so many failures of this part and so many people waiting for such a long time.
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