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2017 Battery Energy Control Module replacement BECM

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I have a 2017 with 36k. I didn't find much on here about this and I'm curious who else has gone through this, and what this means long term.

I had a few instances where the Check engine light came on and the car shifted over to the generator, even though there was more then 50% battery life. Thankfully I never got stranded. The first few times I brought it in they just updated the software and told me I should be good to go. The third time I took it to a different dealer and they diagnosed it as a full replacement , bulletin 18-na-261.

The dealer handled it well, got a loaner and 6 days later I'm back on the road. They had to do the battery to access it.The dealer said it was very rare. But I have trust issues with dealers, lol.

- how common is this?
- long term issues?
- any possible damage to the battery?

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2016 Premier with about 43K miles. Joined the BECM failed group on Aug 27and one of the service advisor said about 2 months wait. No loaners available. Driving my old 2003 Tahoe for the time being. My left hand keep going for that non-existence paddle and I keep down shifting trying to maximize regen when driving downhill and realizing its an old Tahoe. I miss my Volt :-(
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