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2016 Volt Premier Oil Filter Question - Mobil 1 or what?

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Hi all, i'm new here. Just bought a used 2016 volt with 3300 miles on it. It was registered to GM Manufacturer title so i'm not sure if it was a loner exec. car or what but they didn't drive it much and it was in perfect condition.

Anyway, I am looking at oil filter options and they look rather limited. I have always ran Mobil 1 filter and oil in my cars for the last 10 yrs or so, the Mobil oil even longer. I see no Mobil 1 filter that is a match for our engine. My question is, does anyone know of a Mobil 1 filter that does fit just isn't listed and is using it without problems? If there is no Mobil 1 that is the right dimensions and thread/size, what is the best quality one that you would recommend. I see the factory number is GM 12670058.

I do not plan on running the engine very much anyway but I like to have the best protection possible when and if I do need to run it.

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UPF64R P/N12674698.
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