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2016 Volt Premier Oil Filter Question - Mobil 1 or what?

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Hi all, i'm new here. Just bought a used 2016 volt with 3300 miles on it. It was registered to GM Manufacturer title so i'm not sure if it was a loner exec. car or what but they didn't drive it much and it was in perfect condition.

Anyway, I am looking at oil filter options and they look rather limited. I have always ran Mobil 1 filter and oil in my cars for the last 10 yrs or so, the Mobil oil even longer. I see no Mobil 1 filter that is a match for our engine. My question is, does anyone know of a Mobil 1 filter that does fit just isn't listed and is using it without problems? If there is no Mobil 1 that is the right dimensions and thread/size, what is the best quality one that you would recommend. I see the factory number is GM 12670058.

I do not plan on running the engine very much anyway but I like to have the best protection possible when and if I do need to run it.

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The UPF64R (the "R" is important) oil filters are absolutely excellent and made on the same production line as the Mobil 1 and K&N filters. Many who have taken them apart claim they are the same as the M1. I bought a bunch on RockAuto for about $6/each.

I'm a guy who traditionally has owned older cars with traditional designs. In those I always ran Amsoil oil and filters (their oil filters are awesome). However, for this car I figured sticking to GM-approved stuff made sense given the long intervals. Knowing that the filter media had been approved for 2 years etc seemed like a good call, especially when the "R" filter is so good. I'm sure the Donaldson media in the Amsoil would have been fine, but why risk it? Wear of the Voltec engine is not going to be the limiting factor in the life of the car IMHO...unless something catastrophic takes it out (like a filter failure).
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