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2016 Vacationing with our Volt

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Here we are, my wife and I, on vacation at Wallowa Lake in north eastern Oregon, elevation 4,400 feet. We left at sea level traveled route 84 at 60-75 mph, speed limit about 50 miles or so east of Portland is 70 MPH. The Volt was loaded with all our gear etc. easily well over 4,000 lb's gross weight.

Arrived yesterday and went down to Imnaha and did some fishing and my wife took some nice videos.

Quite pleased with our 2016 Volt Premier cruising at 70+ mph and handled so much better than our 2010 Prius we used for the same trip about 3 years ago.

Right now at our cabin the dash screen reads 509.2 miles traveled just on gas with 10.73 gal's used for 47.5 mpg. Electric used is 32.7 miles with 8.1 KWH used, and 29 miles remaining. I don't believe our 2010 Prius could do much better or even match the Volt's figures.

Plan on going down to the Snake River Canyon, quite a ride in this vast wilderness area...
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Day 1 report. Drove from MA to The Algonquin Resort in New Brunswick. Plugshare said they have two Tesla chargers and a wall outlet, they were wrong, no wall outlet. The Tesla chargers were both ICEed. Filled up at a decrepit one pump station before we crossed into Canada, Google Maps wasn't clear about the location of filling stations because the cell coverage is very spotty, if you take this trip you should note that there is one real gas station on the route, an Irving, but we had already filled up at the one pump station.

My Volt is having trouble with the roads in New Brunswick, it started making scraping noises immediately after we entered Canada in Saint Stephen, the sound stopped on the highway but resumed when we got off in Saint Andrews. The roads are bumpy but they don't look as bad as they sound. I pressed on all four corners to see if there was a shock problem, everything seemed good.

Gas mileage on the trip so far, 46.6MPG. I have half my battery left, I'll stay in Hold until we get to PEI, the Comfort Inn ar]t Charlottestown is supposed to have a wall socket according to Plugshare. There was a picture of it on Plugshare so maybe it exists.
Although ME-9 is the fast route to Eastern New Brunswick, you're in rural Maine there so there isn't much. The vacation-home money's on the coast along US-1.

The Irving you're referring to is presumably the Irving Big Stop in Baileyville, ME at the intersection of ME-9 and US-1. Tesla has a permit to put a Supercharger there, but given their cost-cutting I'm not expecting it to be built this year.

There are also gas stations in Calais, ME itself.

I'm not sure what "decrepit" gas pump you used. There's a place in Cherryfield, ME that has a couple of old pumps, but I wouldn't call it decrepit. I guess you hit a one-old-pump convenience stores along the route.

It's only 77 miles from Eddington, ME to Baileyville, ME and with a small population in the area people along Route 9 are going to be OK stopping at those convenience stores if they're not regularly heading to Bangor/Brewer, Ellsworth or Baileyville/Calais areas anyway.

We did pretty well in our 2013 Volt on a trip to NS and PE last year. I don't remember the road noise being loud. But we were heading straight to Halifax, NS so were on the highways. What are your tire pressures? And what tires do you have?
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