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2016 Vacationing with our Volt

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Here we are, my wife and I, on vacation at Wallowa Lake in north eastern Oregon, elevation 4,400 feet. We left at sea level traveled route 84 at 60-75 mph, speed limit about 50 miles or so east of Portland is 70 MPH. The Volt was loaded with all our gear etc. easily well over 4,000 lb's gross weight.

Arrived yesterday and went down to Imnaha and did some fishing and my wife took some nice videos.

Quite pleased with our 2016 Volt Premier cruising at 70+ mph and handled so much better than our 2010 Prius we used for the same trip about 3 years ago.

Right now at our cabin the dash screen reads 509.2 miles traveled just on gas with 10.73 gal's used for 47.5 mpg. Electric used is 32.7 miles with 8.1 KWH used, and 29 miles remaining. I don't believe our 2010 Prius could do much better or even match the Volt's figures.

Plan on going down to the Snake River Canyon, quite a ride in this vast wilderness area...
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Yes, its cooler on the east side. The highest we seen the temp was 83F on the Snake River by the Oregon and Idaho border. Up in the mountains, 5,000 - 6,000 + feet it was 55 F.
Got back home 082718 from vacation. Here is the result:

My wife and I just got back home from using our Volt on vacation. The Volt was fully loaded and easily weighed well over 4,100 lbs gross weight. We left at sea level and stayed at Wallowa Lake, Wallowa Co. Oregon, elevation 4,400 feet. We climbed the mountain roads in the Snake River, Hells Canyon area to an estimated elevation of 6,000 - 7,000 feet.

We never charged the entire trip, only the full charge from home. I kept all gas receipts the entire trip and filled up yesterday at Costco, same place as when we left and the same fill method, slow speed, lowest on pump handle, and when it auto clicks off no more gas is dispensed.

All gas was 87 octane regular gas. Trip total was 1281 miles, electric from full charge from home, 54.1 miles with 14.6 KWH used.

Total gas only miles, 1226.9 / total gas used for those 1226.9 miles, 24.379 gal's = 50.3261 mpg. We have a 2010 Prius I don't believe it could have done any better for mpg than the Volt under the same cargo load, highway speeds up to 75 mph and elevation gain etc.

Tires are all at 44 PSI as well. Local trips mpg's on gas are higher and electric range is higher as well, 65+ electric miles per full charge. Now with our Volt down to Tillamook Oregon along the coast have been gas only mpg's for the 126-130 mile roundtrip have been averaging in the mid to high 50's for mpgs, with a few over 60 mpg, just on gas of course. Of course speed range from 25-60 MPH and the elevation change is about 600 feet.

The infotainment screen for energy appears to stop recording gas only miles and total trip miles after 1000 miles. However the computer continues to record gal's of gas used and mpg on gas. The screen read when we returned home 25.03 gal's used for 48.9 mpg. The miles for the trip were from when we left and when we returned minus the 54.1 miles on electric.

Now of course this is summer conditions in winter mpg's on gas and electric range would not be as high.
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