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2016 Vacationing with our Volt

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Here we are, my wife and I, on vacation at Wallowa Lake in north eastern Oregon, elevation 4,400 feet. We left at sea level traveled route 84 at 60-75 mph, speed limit about 50 miles or so east of Portland is 70 MPH. The Volt was loaded with all our gear etc. easily well over 4,000 lb's gross weight.

Arrived yesterday and went down to Imnaha and did some fishing and my wife took some nice videos.

Quite pleased with our 2016 Volt Premier cruising at 70+ mph and handled so much better than our 2010 Prius we used for the same trip about 3 years ago.

Right now at our cabin the dash screen reads 509.2 miles traveled just on gas with 10.73 gal's used for 47.5 mpg. Electric used is 32.7 miles with 8.1 KWH used, and 29 miles remaining. I don't believe our 2010 Prius could do much better or even match the Volt's figures.

Plan on going down to the Snake River Canyon, quite a ride in this vast wilderness area...
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Heading to Prince Edward Island tomorrow, I'll report about the availability of charging along the way. I'm curious to see if this trip would even be possible in a BEV and how much I'll be able to charge my Volt at my hotels. It looks like my hotels have wall outlets but no Level 2s, won't know if they will be available or not and how much charging I'll be able to get done with the Level I in the car.
Ask the front desk person, who will probably refer you to someone on their maintenance staff. Perhaps they can find a 240v receptacle that you can plug into. (Presumes you have a portable EVSE or an adapter cable for your factory EVSE with a corresponding plug on it.) Talk with the manager suggesting they install some L2 stalls. Finally, if you find something usable, add them to plugshare if they aren't already there.
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