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2016 New record on a charge:

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Our 2016 Volt has well over 18,000 miles. Here in northwestern Oregon yesterday temps. were in the 90's, seen it as high as 100 degrees in Manzanita Oregon,highest I have ever seen temps here.

Went down to Tillamook for a little ride and some fishing with my wife. Return home to Seaside and the electric on the trip was 77.7 miles with 14.2 KWH used. Total trip, 125.3 miles with 47.6 gas miles for 48.7 mpg. I had thought that after 90 degrees or so the battery pack would be forced to cool and electric range would suffer.

This morning with a full charge the Volt is seeing 72 miles of range. Amazing car, cost far less to use our Volt on this trip, including the $1.80 for electricity than even our 2010 Prius obtaining 58 mpg.
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2017 LT-Big Island (HI).Consistently see 86-87 electric miles shown following full charge.Granted mild temperatures & mostly using electric operation on downhill drives (significant electrical miles used on uphill),assisted by regeneration.Front windows at most an inch open (sometimes) with mild driving technique-speed limit usually 50MPH here.A well engineered car,for certain.
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