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2016 Instrument Panel Dead (blank)

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I was out this morning doing some shopping and when I got back in the car and started it, noticed instrument panel was completely dead. Normal warning lights came on for a second during startup, but nothing else. Infotainment system was normal. Car drove normally

Did a few restarts with no change. I drove home ( luckily only a few miles) like that.

After getting out of the car, locking and unlocking the car ( thinks it's some sort of soft reset) everything went back to normal. Not sure what is going on, first time anything weird like that happening. Suppose I could have possibly done a bad start button push (i.e. Double tap)? Maybe it's IP address got confused?

Anybody else have an experience like that?
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As Volt Spain points out, issues with the 12V battery or it's connections can manifest as dash/center console gremlins (weird stuff, bizarre behavior). Can't hurt to check the 12V cables. We saw some of this even with the 12V cables at the jump block under the front hood when one of the cable connection tabs was installed slightly crooked.

Also, a loose connector for the console could cause an issue, like a TV cord not being plugged in all the way.

And then sometimes, it's just a computer flake out where the screen goes out and comes back on (sometimes just turning off the car and restarting is all it takes) never to be seen again.

However if it persists, disconnect the 12V battery and then reconnect to "reboot" the system.

If that does not do it or it happens again, take it to the dealer.
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