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2016 Instrument Panel Dead (blank)

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I was out this morning doing some shopping and when I got back in the car and started it, noticed instrument panel was completely dead. Normal warning lights came on for a second during startup, but nothing else. Infotainment system was normal. Car drove normally

Did a few restarts with no change. I drove home ( luckily only a few miles) like that.

After getting out of the car, locking and unlocking the car ( thinks it's some sort of soft reset) everything went back to normal. Not sure what is going on, first time anything weird like that happening. Suppose I could have possibly done a bad start button push (i.e. Double tap)? Maybe it's IP address got confused?

Anybody else have an experience like that?
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Thanks, will see if it does it again, in any case have 7 yr extended warranty
I checked the fuse panel in the car, the panel that supplies power to this instrument panel and many other items. I was able to push in every small plastic fuse a little bit, and I could hear and feel it move. Movement was only about 1/2- 3/4mm but who knows how sensitive this stuff is. Not sure if it was like that from factory, or the fuses backed out a bit over time.

Curious to see if anyone else noticed this about the fuses and if they have had a blank screen issue
Was this a permanent fix?
There were similar reports with the ELR 2014, most were resolved by disconnecting the 12 V battery for 2 minutes, good luck!!!.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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