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Similar to some who have issues with blaring car alarms (and why oh why do these happen in middle of the night?) last night, my car alarm went blaring at 11pm.

I clicked the alarm off and unlocked my doors for the remainder of the night.

This morning when I got into my car, there was an "interrupted charging" message. Yesterday, while the charger was plugged into the car, I removed the outlet plug from the wall (reason irrelevant, but dumb to do). This may be what set the alarm off HOWEVER: The alarm went off two or three hours AFTER I pulled the plug from wall outlet. So, why the delay? Could there be some other reason for the alarm having gone off?

I have gone into settings and turned off all charger-related alerts/alarms, etc. For the 2016, the setting is under "Energy."

Side note: It was so traumatic (hate disturbing neighbors) that I am wondering if I should pull the theft alarm fuse -- but I can't find any documentation indicating where that specific fuse is located. Anyone have information about which fuse I need to pull if I want to disable the theft alarm?
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