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2016 Artificial Noise Generator Module

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I was just reading around and happened upon the law that will be in effect as of 2018 requiring EVs and hybrids to produce artificial noise. I knew it was going to be mandated eventually but I didn't realize it was going to be so soon...

I personally hate the noise the Volt makes (I can hear it clearly inside the vehicle unless my radio is on), and pulled the Pedestrian Protection fuse to disable it because I'm always careful around pedestrians anyways (and have driven a hybrid ever since I got my learner's permit 7+ years ago, so I'm used to people not being able to hear my vehicle).

I'm curious as to whether or not it would be possible to modify or replace the noise generator module to change the noise it produces. The current one sounds like a small blender running a small distance away and the sound repeats about every 2 seconds, which drives me insane if I have to listen to it for any extended period of time (such as at a red light). I'd prefer some sort of higher-pitched electronic sound that doesn't sound like a cheap WAV file repeating over and over.

I'd imagine if there's one fuse that disables that noise and the external "ping" sound, it's probably a fairly simple module with relatively few inputs and could probably be mimicked by something like an Arduino with a sound chip on it.

Has anyone ever tried to find this module and reverse engineer it yet?
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So there is a specific fuse that only covers that one item in the car? Where would one maybe find this fuse? I happen to live in the country with not many pedestrians, and deer don't care about noise considering all the big loud trucks that hit them.....
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