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2016-17 Volt engine / power train; update improvement in mpg on gas

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Has any other forum members noticed that after the engine software update their mpg's on gas has improved. We have a 2016 Volt Premier purchased July 2016.

I noticed at least 3-4 mpg improvement on gas, when compared to pre update. I compared the monthy mpg cs averages for comparison, also last few trips were over 50 mpg on gas, summer conditions and moderate speeds of course.

Electric range also seems to have somewhat improved. Yesterday fully charged the electric range read 68 miles. Infact yesterday my wife and I went fishing roundtrip 135.5 miles, Wilson River in Tillamook Oregon via Highway 101. 68.1 miles on gas (50 mpg) and 67.4 on electric, still had 1 mile left when we arrived home. Cost less to take the Volt than our 2010 Prius even including $1.80 for a full charge of electricity.
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I am dropping my '17 tomorrow to dealer. Online it shows I am due one recall (N162048200) but dealer said there are 4 recalls, one is related to fuel door. He is gonna keep it the whole day.
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