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2015 Why did Maintenance Mode start?

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As it is elsewhere, it is very cold in Toronto this week. The ICE on my 2015 has run every day for long periods of time over the week. I have burned at least 3 liters and gone over 30km with the ICE running.

So why did Maintenance Mode execute this morning? What was the purpose of the 10 minute MM run given all the exercise the ICE had this past week due to ERDTLT?
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Here is a trick to minimize gas usage on ERDTT:

Put the heating to "Max"
Set the temperature to "28C"
Set the fan speed to you liking
Optional: Set ventilation to "Windshield Max"

The Max 28C will force the use of the electric heating coil in the engine Prestone. In most case it will be enough to keep the prestone temp above 60C all the time. Only time when it will drop below 52C is if it is really cold and you have the fan running above the half mark.

Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how much fuel it saves.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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