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2015 Why did Maintenance Mode start?

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As it is elsewhere, it is very cold in Toronto this week. The ICE on my 2015 has run every day for long periods of time over the week. I have burned at least 3 liters and gone over 30km with the ICE running.

So why did Maintenance Mode execute this morning? What was the purpose of the 10 minute MM run given all the exercise the ICE had this past week due to ERDTLT?
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It was EMM not FMM.
The gas was pretty fresh.
I will try the trick of setting the heat to 28C as described above by bmaltais.
That'll just help reduce ERDTT. It works, I use it all the time, but I don't think it'll help the issue with the ECM deciding it still needs an EMM occasionally in the conditions we are having right now as the engine WILL still run in ERDTT, especially at startup.

Although I know how you feel about unnecessary use of gas...sometimes you have to let it do it's thing in the interest of keeping the engine longevity intact - you don't want your engine sitting with a bunch of water in the oil.

If you want to completely eliminate ERDTT (and the EMM's that will eventually come with it after enough of them) you may want to look into the defeat solutions out there.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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