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Hello all,

Just bought a 2015 volt. Was delivered today, plugged it in and car reads“cord connected“, but won’t charge. Voltec charger was plugged in directly to outlet.
red light blinks 5 times over and over. The dash orange light comes on and then turns off. Won’t charge otherwise cars operates fine.
Have an appointment on Monday , but advise would be great.
We own his and hers '13s and had the problem on both. One had the coolant level sensor for the HV battery coolant tank go bad and the other had the pigtail to the same sensor chewed by a rabbit. Both cases required a full test and reboot at the dealer for $600+ each. can't be reset with a code reader - for customer safety of course. The car thinks the coolant is low and will not allow the batteries to charge. Kinda suspect that it was delivered flat though.
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