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2015 Spark reliability?

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Hi there,
I recently bought a 2015 Spark with 34K miles. It was in excellent condition and checked out ok.
When we bought it, we purchased a 3 years or 36K miles comprehensive bumper to bumper warranty for $2800.
We have up to 30 days to get a full refund.
we can hold onto it and get a prorated refund after that.
Everything seems to be holding up well so far. It is as advertised and we love it.
I could really use your advice…
Do we really need the warranty? On a typical ICE vehicle after owning at 20 days and looking everything over I would request the refund. But the only thing that worries me with a Spark is the dealership estimated the cost of replacing a failure of the battery / electronics at $10-$15,000.
What do you experience Spark owners think? Would you keep the warranty or would thatvkijd of failure be a highly unusual situation, especially if the battery in electronics go belly up?
On a related note, I talked with Green Tec and they said they don’t even have Spark replacement batteries in yet because they aren’t failing at a rate that is worth them creating the product quite yet. So that seemed positive, but I’d love to get some input from you guys.
My EV component warranty is not expired so I attached a photo of the status in case that helps as well.
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I bought an extended 72 month (the max), $0 out of pocket per incident warranty for my Volt. I knew the convential wisdom is that extended warranties are generally betting against the house at a casino, the odds are stacked with you on the losing side. But I did it anyway.

The $2100 I spent saved me $200, lol. Lesson learned. I did not repeat that purchase with my Bolt EV. YMMV

Extended warranties are cheaper if bought within 11 months on a new car. After that, the car is considered "used" for extended warranty purpose so you pay a much higher rate.
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