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2015 rear camera fuse keeps blowing? Anyone know where common shorts are?

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Hey every one, I am out of wrranty, and my rear view cam stopped working.

I read here a guy with a lease had the smae problem, it was the fuse, and like him, I chagned the fuse, and if blew again.

Is this a common problem???

Do you guys know where the common shorts are??? I do not want to go a wild goose chase...

thanks in advance !
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Unfortunately, you have to go with a process of elimination, and hope you hit the issue sooner rather than later.

Start with disconnecting the camera. If the fuse no longer blows, it is most likely a bad camera - the camera can be replaced. If the fuse still blows, it could be a bad connector. If replacing the connector does not fix the issue, then there is most likely an issue with the wiring itself (probably crimped somewhere?), and finding the issue could be a pain. Having an electrical wiring schema diagram (from Chevy's Service Manual) should help.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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