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2015 rear camera fuse keeps blowing? Anyone know where common shorts are?

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Hey every one, I am out of wrranty, and my rear view cam stopped working.

I read here a guy with a lease had the smae problem, it was the fuse, and like him, I chagned the fuse, and if blew again.

Is this a common problem???

Do you guys know where the common shorts are??? I do not want to go a wild goose chase...

thanks in advance !
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check the backup light. This light is on the same fuse as the camera. Does the backup light work?
Was the bulb replaced with a incandescent bulb with too much wattage?
Try a brighter LED bulb that uses less amperage.

Here's circuit for the 2012 volt. Should be same for 2011-2015 gen1 models.
Check the inside rearview mirror connection also.
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The sun visor lights are both connected to the same F7DR fuse.

Did a ground come lose somewhere? That can cause current to flow weird to find the ground.
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anyone know wher G202 ground is located?
In the passenger compartment, behind the right side of the instrument panel, above the glove box, on the instrument panel support
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