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2015 rear camera fuse keeps blowing? Anyone know where common shorts are?

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Hey every one, I am out of wrranty, and my rear view cam stopped working.

I read here a guy with a lease had the smae problem, it was the fuse, and like him, I chagned the fuse, and if blew again.

Is this a common problem???

Do you guys know where the common shorts are??? I do not want to go a wild goose chase...

thanks in advance !
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So because you have other items on the same fuse. I assume it only blows when you put it in reverse. Is that correct?

Also the connectors do have excellent pin separation. I would highly doubt its a connector issue. It has to be a wire that's chafed or pinched to ground. It is possible something within the camera shorted. It's kind of a bugger to get at the camera connector , since you need to remove or partially remove the bumper cover to get at it. There are some videos on YouTube that show the process but it is a little more challenging in some spots that the videos make look.

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