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2015 rear camera fuse keeps blowing? Anyone know where common shorts are?

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Hey every one, I am out of wrranty, and my rear view cam stopped working.

I read here a guy with a lease had the smae problem, it was the fuse, and like him, I chagned the fuse, and if blew again.

Is this a common problem???

Do you guys know where the common shorts are??? I do not want to go a wild goose chase...

thanks in advance !
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thanks for the reply... yeah not happy about this at all.

I changed the fuse, and i turn the light on, it worked, put it in reverse, it worked.

2 hours later no work ....

not amused!!!
This suggests the problem is not the camera. Is it always about two hours, or more random than that?
Isn't it much more likely that the reverse light or backup camera would blow the fuse when they are on rather than two hours later?
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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