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2015 PA Tax Rebate

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Just got a check in the mail from the PA treasury. I bought a used 2015 Volt back in June. I didn't think I'd qualify for any tax credits or rebates since it was used. However, while perusing the internet I found out that PA is still offering rebates for purchases of used EVs so long as they meet certain criteria. I also received $50 from PECO for buying an EV. How awesome is that?!
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You'll get a 1099 from PA so you pay Federal tax. I got 1K last year. They don't make it simple to apply for this. The website was down for some time, so they said I had to file on paper (much paperwork, copies and about 2 bucks to mail). Then the website came back and they refused to accept the paper, so had to file online (only in PA, what a state). They only grant like 250 of these for the whole state, but I have noticed they don't even give out that many, typically. I think the enormous hassle keeps most from going through the effort.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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